La Nueva Radio YA

La Nueva Radio YA

La Nueva Radio YA is a Nicaraguan commercial FM radio station which is licensed to Managua, Nicaragua.


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About La Nueva Radio YA

This radio station broadcasts news from Nicaragua and the international scenario, as well as events, sports, breaking news and show business news.

La Nueva Radio YA started its transmissions in 1999 with an old ELKOR brand transmitter, which turned out to be a handmade device with hybrid characteristics rebuilt by a technician of the radio station. The first years, La Nueva Radio YA had to broadcast their program with a really bad equipment that most of the time was given by the people of Managua or made by themselves. 

Even having to work like that, within the first month of airing, a survey was conducted and La Nueva Radio YA was in the first place of audience

Later, thanks to their sponsors and collaborators, they bought a Harris transmitter with 10 k of power. Today La Nueva Radio YA has a transmitter of the same brand of 25 k; and so the radio station can broadcast on the AM and FM bands on 600 KHZ and 99.1 FM.

In 2002, the radio station decided to create their own website. They developed at the same time an audio streaming server, which started with a capacity of 10 simultaneous users. Today that same server has a capacity of 200 simultaneous users and transmits 24 hours a day.

Their website grew until it had a dedicated server which receives an annual average of 13 million 672 thousand page views in 2016.

La Nueva Radio YA is considered a quite popular radio station which can be seen in their social media. They have 548 926 followers on Facebook, 88k followers on Instagram, 129,1k followers on Twitter and a Telegram channel with 1 021 members.

La Nueva Radio YA LIVE: Listen La Nueva Radio YA online with no annoying ads at all on out platform “”.

Enjoy your favorite radio station style: News-Talk

La Nueva Radio YA is a radio station from Nueva York and belongs to the EE.UU. radio network.

If La Nueva Radio YA is your favorite music radio station you just have to click on the “listen to” button.

Technical Sheet of La Nueva Radio YA

What styles are heard in La Nueva Radio YA? News-Talk
Where can you hear us? Nueva York
What is the region of La Nueva Radio YA? Nueva York
In which country is this radio located? EE.UU.
What is the official website of La Nueva Radio YA??

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