Tropical 100 Suave

Tropical 100 Suave

Tropical 100 Suave is a United States commercial internet radio station which is licensed to Freeport, New York, and which is owned by Danny Piñeyro Sr. This radio station has a latin music format with all its programs in Spanish.


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About Tropical 100 Suave

Tropical 100 Suave is a channel on the internet radio station which means that you can listen to Tropical 100 Suave online from anywhere in the world through its website or on free online platforms such as It is possible to listen to this radio station 24 hours per day and all week long. 

This radio station was created and is still owned by Danny Piñeyro Sr., a DJ from Puerto de Plata in the Dominican Republic and who made his career in Santiago de los Caballeros in a sister radio station called N 103 in the decade of 1980. 

Tropical 100 Suave has a latin music format with some talk shows about this kind of music. This radio station broadcasts mostly merengue, salsa and bachata with a playlist composed of the best songs and more popular ones of all times. The aim of Danny Piñeyro Sr. with his radio station and its music programming is to make the audience love latin music and to make their days better. This way, when the audience tune in into Tropical 100 Suave, the radio station will make them engage with their programs so deeply that they will tune into this radio again and again. 

Three of the most popular songs in Tropical 100 Suave are PURE Jingles - 100% NL Jingles 2010, Un Buen Recuerdo by Vantroi and Venom Station IDs for America and Spain by Venom. 

Tropical 100 Suave tries to connect with its audience and takes music requests on its social media, on its website or through its phone number which can be found on its website.

Tropical 100 Suave LIVE: Listen Tropical 100 Suave online with no annoying ads at all on out platform “”.

Enjoy your favorite radio station style: Latin | Merengue | Ballads

Tropical 100 Suave is a radio station from Freeport and belongs to the EE.UU. radio network.

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