98.1 kmbz

98.1 kmbz

98.1 kmbz is an American commercial FM radio station which is licensed to Kansas City, Kansas. It is owned by Entercom and broadcasts a news talk format.


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About 98.1 kmbz

This radio station offices and studios are located on Squibb Road in Mission, Kansas.

In a more technical speech, the station KMBZ FM broadcasts at 98 500 watts and covers the Kansas City metropolitan area and it includes much of Northwest Missouri and Eastern Kansas. Its transmitter is located near East 56th Street in Kansas City, Missouri.

KMBZ FM 98.1 was borned in 1959 as KCJC and was owned by Futura Music, Inc. It had its studios on Rock Creek Lane in Mission, Kansas.

The station suffered along the years a lot of changes in its name and letters as well as its owners. It also had some sister stations like KGEX which also flipped its format and affected KMBZ FM (or the name it had the station at the moment). 

In 2011, the radio station had huge changes. After 34 years of adult contemporary format they announced they would terminate it due to mediocre ratings and begin simulcasting sister station KMBZ.  

A few months later, KUDL broke from the simulcast and became KMBZ FM, its current letters. This station also replaced its classical music format on its HD2 subchannel.

In 2015, the simulcast of KMBZ and KMBZ-FM was split. The FM revamped its schedule by airing a more locally oriented talk line up on weekdays from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m and the AM adopted a mostly syndicated talk format as "Talk 980".

KMBZ FM program is mostly local talk shows. On weekdays it begins with "Kansas City's Morning News", and then airs "Jayme & Grayson," "Dana & Parks" and "Armstrong & Getty". During the nights it has shows like "Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis" or "Beyond Reality Radio”. And on weekends, the station broadcasts shows on health, money, lay and technology.

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Enjoy your favorite radio station style: News-Talk

98.1 kmbz is a radio station from Kansas City and belongs to the EE.UU. radio network.

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Technical Sheet of 98.1 kmbz

What styles are heard in 98.1 kmbz? News-Talk
Where can you hear us? Kansas City
What is the region of 98.1 kmbz? Kansas
In which country is this radio located? EE.UU.
What is the official website of 98.1 kmbz?? http://www.kmbz.com/