4MUR - My 105.9 FM

4MUR - My 105.9 FM

4 MUR My105 FM is an Australian commercial FM radio station which is licensed to Mackay and which is owned and operated by Mackay District Aboriginal & Islander Media Association Ltd.


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About 4MUR - My 105.9 FM

This radio station has a broadcast that plays a special blend of country music, classics and the very best indigenous music around.

4 MUR My105 FM aims to provide a service that the whole community of the Mackay District Aboriginal can be proud of. That is why the radio station currently offers  local programming from a diverse range of presenters 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

The programming of 4 MUR My105 FM is composed of a main diet of country music as well as with tried and tested legends of music from the 60's & 70's. They also air music from The Pacific Islands & Torres Strait Islands, as well as a vibrant range of music which is recorded in Mackay in our recording studios.

It is possible to listen to 4 MUR My105 FM online on its website or on free online platforms like escuchar.radio, as well as at its FM broadcast. 

Mackay District Aboriginal & Islander Media Association Ltd. or MDAIMA is headed by a community elected advisory board who regulate compliance and governance of the organisation. It is a community radio station and that is why under its objectives they encourage participation with the station through membership. They welcome input on program ideas and station development.

So, as it is a community radio station, volunteerism is vital to the success of the station.  Most of the staff is made up of volunteers from presenters to technical and even some of the administration staff.

This radio station tries to stay connected with its audience and interact with them somehow. 

4MUR - My 105.9 FM LIVE: Listen 4MUR - My 105.9 FM online with no annoying ads at all on out platform “escuchar.radio”.

Enjoy your favorite radio station style: Country

4MUR - My 105.9 FM is a radio station from Mackay and belongs to the Australia radio network.

If 4MUR - My 105.9 FM is your favorite music radio station you just have to click on the “listen to” button.

Technical Sheet of 4MUR - My 105.9 FM

What styles are heard in 4MUR - My 105.9 FM? Country
Where can you hear us? Mackay
What is the region of 4MUR - My 105.9 FM? Queensland
In which country is this radio located? Australia
What is the official website of 4MUR - My 105.9 FM?? http://www.my105fm.com/

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